Bent wire parts and bent parts made of spring steel wire

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Bending wire part - positioning ring

Bended wire parts or bent parts made of spring steel wire are important components in various branches of industry and applications. Bent wire parts are special machine elements that usually have springy properties. They are formed into a specific shape by bending wire and offer a variety of benefits in terms of flexibility, Cost efficiency and functionality.

One of the outstanding properties of bent wire parts is their flexibility. Wire can be bent into almost any shape you want, be it a simple 2D geometry or a complex 3D structure. This enables technicians and engineers to design simple but also particularly complex components made of spring steel. As a result, these spring elements can be precisely adapted to the requirements of the specific application. The flexibility of bent wire parts opens up numerous possibilities for innovative solutions in many different industries.

The purpose of bent wire parts is to solve engineering challenges and fulfill specific functions in various applications. They are used to fasten components, position machine elements, transmit forces, enable movements, restrict movements, make electrical contacts, Stabilize structures and much more.

Examples of bent wire parts or bent parts made of spring steel wire:

Spring pin:
Spring pins, also known as spring bolts or quick-release pins, are used to quickly and securely connect or fix components. A secure connection is established by simply pressing the pin into a hole.
Securing Pins:
Locking pins, also known as cotter pins, are used to secure bolts, shafts or axles from accidentally being pulled out. They are inserted into the components through appropriate bores and secured with cotter pins.
Securing clip:
Securing clips come in a variety of shapes and designs. Securing clips are used to fix connections or components and prevent slipping or loosening. They are used in areas such as electronics, mechanical engineering or vehicle construction.
Spring hanger:
Spring clips serve as holders or fasteners for cables, lines or pipes. They offer a flexible and secure fastening solution in various branches of industry.
Wave rings:
Shaft rings, also known as shaft circlips or circlips, are applied to shafts or axles, to hold components in place or limit axial movement.
Hose protection spirals:
Spiral hose protectors, also known as protective hoses, provide reliable coverage and protection for hoses and wires in applications such as hydraulic systems, pneumatics or industrial machines.
Bore Rings:
Bore rings are placed in bores to securely hold connections or components in place. They offer a simple and effective solution for connecting components.
Snap Rings:
Called snap rings or snap rings, they are used to hold shafts or axles in place and limit axial movement. They are placed in a groove and provide a secure connection.
Mounting rings, mounting clips and clamping rings:
Fastening rings, also known as retaining or clamping rings, are used to securely fasten components or to fix connections. They offer a simple and reliable solution in various applications.

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Bending wire part - spring clip

Structure, possible uses, use, construction, calculation and manufacture of bent wire parts:

Wire bending parts consist of a wire material that is bent into a specific shape. The wire can be made of different materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum or copper depending on the needs of the application. The shape of the wire can be achieved by bending, forming, cutting or splicing to obtain the desired geometry of the part. Bent wire parts can have simple 2D shapes such as hooks, brackets, or rings, as well as complex 3D shapes with multiple bends and radii.

Applications and usage:
Bent wire parts are used in a variety of industries and applications. They are used in the automotive industry for seat and belt buckles, spring clips and fasteners. In the electronics industry they are used for contact springs, spring pins and connection components. In medical technology, they are used in surgical instruments, implants and medical devices. In addition, wire bending parts are used in household appliances, furniture, toys, construction and many other fields.

Designing bent wire parts requires a thorough understanding of the application requirements and specifications. The desired shape, size, material, strength, elasticity, surface finish and tolerances must be considered. CAD software and simulation tools can help in the design and optimization of the bent wire parts to ensure high functionality and reliability to ensure.

The calculation of the properties of bent wire parts includes various aspects such as strength, stiffness, load capacity and service life. Material strength, flexural strength, spring deflection, spring force and vibration characteristics are important parameters which should be taken into account in the calculation. Analytical methods, finite element analysis (FEA) or empirical models can be used to perform the necessary calculations and to optimize the design of the bent wire parts.
The calculation of bent wire parts can be very demanding and complex. Especially in the case of 3D shapes with many twists, bends or radii in different spatial directions, the analytical calculation or the empirical models are usually overwhelmed. In the case of complex 3D shapes with many torsions, finite element analysis (FEA) is often used to To be able to determine loads and the resulting stresses more precisely.

The production of bent wire parts is usually done by automated bending machines that bend the wire according to the given shape. The machines can be equipped with various tools, dies and fixtures to ensure precise and repeatable bending. Manufacturing can be both mass-produced and custom-made, depending on the needs of the project.

Bended wire parts or parts made of spring steel wire offer a wide range of possible uses due to their flexible structure and its cost-efficient production numerous advantages. Their areas of application range from the automotive and electronics industries to medical technology and many other sectors.
Careful design, calculation and manufacturing is required to ensure the desired functionality and reliability of the bent wire parts. With their wide range of shapes, sizes and materials, bent wire parts are an important component for innovative and efficient solutions in modern engineering practice.

Various materials - mostly high-alloy spring steel materials - are used for bent wire parts, depending on the specific requirements of the application. Commonly used materials include steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper. In most cases, special alloys are used to optimally cover specific applications. The selection of the appropriate material depends on the requirements for strength, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and other specific ones properties that are relevant to the application.

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Bending wire part - wire hanger

It is important to choose the right material for bent wire parts or bent parts made of spring steel wire, to ensure the desired performance and durability of the bent wire parts.
The important materials for bent wire parts are made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper.

Steel - hard drawn spring steel wire:

Grade DH class D
EN10270-1 (DIN 17223 T1)

Type SM Class B
EN10270-1 (DIN 17223 T1)

SH class C variety
EN10270-1 (DIN 17223 T1)

Stainless steel - Rustproof spring steel wire:

1.4310 (V2A)
EN10270-3 (DIN 17224)

1.4568 (V4A)
EN10270-3 (DIN 17224)

1.4571 (V4A)
EN10270-3 (DIN 17440)


Area of application: electronics, aviation
DIN no.: DIN EN 573-3, material number: 3.3206

Area of application: automotive, mechanical engineering
DIN no.: DIN EN 573-3, material number: 3.3535

Wrought copper alloy:

feather bronze EN12166 (DIN 17682)

This selection of materials is just a small selection from a wide range of materials available for bent wire parts. The material is often determined by the application and the requirements.

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Bending wire part - retaining spring

Individual bent wire parts offer a number of advantages over standardized solutions.

Individual bent wire parts can be precisely tailored to the specific requirements of an application. Due to the possibility of bending the wire into any shape, tailor-made solutions can be developed that optimally match individual requirements. This allows for greater functionality and efficiency compared to standardized products that may not meet all needs.
Flexibility in design and function:
With individual bent wire parts, engineers are able to realize complex shapes and functions. This opens up new design possibilities and enables innovative solutions to technical challenges. Standardized products tend to be limited to basic applications and offer less flexibility in terms of design and function.
Space and Weight Optimization:
Custom bent wire parts can be designed to make the best use of the available space. Precise bends and shapes allow them to fit into tight spaces or complex assemblies. In addition, the targeted choice of material enables weight optimization by removing unnecessary material. Standardized solutions, on the other hand, can often only be oversized or not optimally adapted to the available space.
Cost optimization:
Although custom bent wire parts may involve higher initial design and manufacturing costs, they can provide cost savings in the long run. Bespoke construction can eliminate material waste, resulting in lower material costs. In addition, individual solutions can offer better performance and efficiency, which can result in savings in maintenance, energy consumption or downtime.
Meet specific requirements:
In many industries there are specific requirements for safety, norms or environmental standards. Individual bent wire parts can be designed to meet these requirements. Standardized solutions may not be able to meet all specific needs and may require additional ones adjustments or compromises.
Custom bent wire parts offer the benefit of a customized solution that meets the exact needs of an application. They enable greater functionality, efficiency and the fulfillment of specific requirements, which can lead to improved results and competitive advantages.

Bended wire parts individually according to customer requirements:
In order to be able to implement the various customer requirements, we have modern machinery. We form bent wire parts from round wire on our wire bending and winding centers from the German mechanical engineering company WAFIOS.
These technical components can be supplied in a wide variety of forms, whether as hooks, clamping springs or as safety elements in all imaginable variants.
The production of individual bent wire parts is necessary in many cases in order to be able to achieve an optimal application.

Bending parts made of wire:
Whether spring cotter pins, circlips or complex twisted bent wire parts, we manufacture precisely formed quality from wire. We support our customers right from the start in an advisory capacity and as a partner. Challenge us with the production of complex bent parts in various batch sizes. Send us a drawing or send us a file as a 2D or 3D CAD model in a common CAD format.

Professional technical bent parts made of steel, stainless steel or spring steel wire are mainly used in the following areas:

  • in the automotive industry (interior/exterior)
  • in the electronics and electrical engineering industry
  • in the manufacture of toys
  • as a bracket (e.g. for special locking techniques or spring mounts)
  • as connecting and securing elements
  • as assembly and fastening elements
  • Bended wire parts: Quality production in three dimensions

Durable materials for each bent wire part
We bend and shape wire from 0.3 to 4.0 millimeters in any complexity that is physically and mechanically feasible.
Since bent wire parts are often used as springs or as components with a clamping effect, we have a large material warehouse with various materials on high-quality spring wire in almost all dimensions, as well as all common standard wires. This extensive stock of materials enables us to react quickly to customer requests.

Fast production of bent wire parts and bent wire parts:
Due to many years of experience, we are able to implement your individual request quickly and usually without a lot of tools.

Specialist for bent wire parts and bent wire parts - Reiner Schmid Produktions GmbH
Since 1991 we, Reiner Schmid Produktions GmbH, have been active in the field of tool making.
We take particular care of the production of various bent wire parts. Our company has established itself over time and now has the most modern production techniques.
Our team consists of more than 35 competent and experienced employees who are all committed to your satisfaction.

We stand for high quality and rely on innovative developments.
With us, you also benefit from competent and high-quality advice. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. Then our employees will take care of your concerns and develop the right product together with you. We are at your side at every point of the production process and support you with all our possibilities.

Technical spring knowledge and spring know-how
Our manufacturing techniques offer you a variety of options.
Depending on your personal needs, we can produce the desired bent wire parts for you cheaply and precisely. The production takes place with several bending processes, which carry out the efficient machines.
No matter what you need - you are welcome to make an inquiry and we will then do everything in our power to fulfill your wishes.
Regardless of the volume of your order - we, Reiner Schmid Produktions GmbH, will take care of the fulfillment of your order.
Because we carry out the production of orders with small quantities as well as orders with a large number through in pieces. We are therefore always the right partner for your order - regardless of whether it is a large or small series.

Bend wire parts in any desired size

Different versions of bent wire parts

High-quality manufacturing through quality checks within the production process
In the production of bent wire parts, we always attach great importance to quality.
Because we have been certified according to the EN ISO 9001 standard since 2001. We continuously develop our processes to ensure quality over time.
There are special employees in our company for quality assurance. They take care of long-term quality assurance with modern techniques, innovative methods and precise measuring instruments. The employees check the quality of every order, so that you benefit from the highest quality even with small orders. For this purpose, the quality check is carried out at regular intervals.

The low rate of complaints speaks for our quality and the quality of our bent wire parts.
Because hardly any customer complains about the ordered products, since the product properties always correspond to expectations.
Our employees use modern measuring instruments. Because the quality assurance is only as strong as the accuracy of the
measuring instruments. For example, we use the digital profile projector - this ensures accurate detection of any errors and guarantees the quality as a result.

Production of bent wire parts
We manufacture the desired products for you individually in our production facility.
With this production, you benefit from our state-of-the-art machinery, which is controlled by the latest generation of CNC Wafios Wire Bending and Winding Centers. Thanks to the diverse and high-quality machines, we can offer you and ours fulfill almost every wish of our customers. We can produce almost any type of bent wire part within a short period of time produce - and if you wish, even in very large numbers.
But not only the conventional products belong to our repertoire.
In addition, there are a number of 3D bent wire parts or other different, complex variants that belong to our offer belong.
Depending on your needs, you can discuss the specifics of the respective bent wire part you need with us. In addition, of course, we also produce the other springs for the respective assembly, such as torsion springs, clip springs, return spring or stamped part.

Your contact for the manufacture of technical metal springs:
Christian Neumann
Phone: 0212 3824187-3