Wire bending parts - metallic technical parts bent from wire

Wire bending parts: Reiner Schmid Produktions GmbH manufactures customized bending parts for numerous branches
An integral part of our comprehensive range are wire bending parts, which we manufacture individually according to customer requirements.
In order to be able to implement the various customer requirements, we have a modern machine park. On our wire bending and winch centers of the German machine manufacturer WAFIOS we form bent wire parts from round wire.
These technical components can be supplied in a variety of forms, whether as hooks, clamping springs, as security elements in every conceivable variant. With this you will surely find the right bent wire part for your purpose.
The individual production of bent wire parts is in many cases absolutely necessary in order to achieve an optimal fit accuracy.

We realize bent parts according to your specifications
Reiner Schmid Produktions GmbH manufactures bent wire parts both in standard shapes - such as spring splitters and circlips - or according to your wishes and purpose also in all conceivable wire bending part special designs, which we like to work with you and for They design, develop and manufacture. This will give you the wire bending part you need in any case.
Our customers have come to appreciate this all-round service in recent years and are happy to draw on it. Of course, we are always on hand to advise. We are also happy to be your partner for the production of very complex bent parts Partner and reliable supplier of all serial lot sizes. Regardless of whether you need two- or three-dimensional wire bending parts, For example, for sensitive industrial-technical applications, you are right with us. We are happy to manufacture according to drawing and sample or are available to advise you if you are not sure which form is best suited for your application. Matching your individual bent wire part, you will receive individual advice from us.

The application spectrum of our bent wire parts
Professional technical bending parts made of steel, stainless steel or spring steel wire are mainly used in the following areas:

  • in the automotive industry (interior / exterior)
  • in the electronics and electrical engineering industry
  • in the manufacture of toys
  • as a bracket (eg for special closing techniques or spring holders)
  • as connection and security elements
  • as assembly and fastening elements
  • Wire bending parts: Quality production in three dimensions

Quality of our wire bending parts materials
Wire bending parts can only fulfill their tasks if they are made of high quality and solid.
Quality always starts with the selection of materials. If we were to choose inferior material, the wire bending parts would be brittle and would not be able to withstand high loads. Therefore we do not take any risks and pay attention to a high quality.
In the area of ​​bent parts, also refer to our non-binding technical advice. We also offer these if you need technical bent wire parts, which are realized in several bending processes. Thanks to our modern machine park of CNC bending machines and our spring specialists, we are also highly qualified for production Complex wire bending parts capable. For whatever purpose you want to use the finished bent wire part:
From our production, you always receive optimal tested and controlled quality.

Durable materials for every bent wire part
We bend and form in wire thicknesses of 0.3 to 4.0 millimeters in any complexity that is physically and mechanically feasible.
Since bent wire parts are often used as a spring or as a component with a clamping effect, we have a large material store with various materials on high-quality spring wire in almost all dimensions, as well as all common standard wires. This comprehensive material warehouse enables us to react quickly to customer requests.

Fast production of your bent wire parts
We are happy to prepare a short-term offer for your individual order for the production of bent wire parts. Due to many years of experience, we are able to realize your individual request quickly and without much effort.
In addition, thanks to our testing procedures, we always stand for the high level of functionality, stability and reliability Lifetime of our bent wire parts and other technical products.

Experience, passion and competence make our company and of course our offer.

production of various bent wire parts

Your expert for bent wire parts - Reiner Schmid Produktions GmbH
Since 1991 we, the Reiner Schmid Produktions GmbH, have been working in the toolmaking sector.
In particular, we take care of the production of various bent wire parts. Our company has established itself over time and now has the most modern production techniques.
Our team consists of more than 35 competent and experienced employees, all of whom have written their satisfaction on the flag.
We stand for high quality and rely on innovative developments.
In addition, you benefit from our competent and high quality advice. If you are interested, feel free to contact us. Then ours will be Employees take care of your concerns and develop the right product together with you. We are at your side at every point of the production process and support you with all our possibilities.

Our technical know-how
Our production techniques offer you different possibilities.
Depending on your personal needs, we can produce the desired bent wire parts cheaply and precisely for you. The production takes place with several bending processes, which carry out the efficient machines.
No matter what you need - you are welcome to make an inquiry and then we will do everything in our power to fulfill your wishes.
Regardless of which order volume your order has - we, the Reiner Schmid Produktions GmbH, take care of the fulfillment of your order.
Because we carry both the production of orders with small numbers and orders with a variety on pieces through. So we are always the right partner for your order - regardless of whether it is a large or small series.

Our high quality
In the production of bent wire parts, we always attach great importance to quality.
Because we are certified since 2001 according to the standard EN ISO 9001. We continue to develop our processes to ensure quality over time.
For quality assurance there are special employees in our company. They use modern techniques, innovative methods and precise measuring instruments to ensure long-term quality assurance. For each order, the staff inspects the quality so you can benefit from the highest quality even on small orders. For this purpose, the quality inspection is carried out at regular intervals.

Above all, the low rate of complaints speaks for our quality and the quality of our bent wire parts.
Because hardly a customer complains about the ordered products because the product features always meet the expectations.
Our employees use modern measuring instruments. Because quality assurance is only as strong as the accuracy of
Measuring instruments. For example, we use the digital profile projector - this ensures accurate recognition of any errors and errors  as a result ensures the quality.

Our offer - the production of bent wire parts
In our production site, we individually manufacture the desired products for you.
In this production, you benefit from our state-of-the-art machinery, which controls the latest generations of CNC Wafios wire bending and winch centers. Thanks to the versatile and high quality machines we can offer you and ours Customers pretty much fulfill every wish. We can do almost all types of wire bending parts within a short period of time produce - even if you wish, in large numbers.
But not only the conventional products are part of our repertoire.
In addition, there are a number of 3D wire bending parts or other different, complex variants that contribute to our Offer include.
Depending on your needs, you can discuss with us the specifics of the particular wire bending part you need. Of course, we also produce the other springs to the respective assembly, such as torsion spring, clip spring, Return spring or stamped and bent part.