Double torsion springs

Double torsion springs for optimal power distribution
In order to achieve optimum distribution of forces on torsion springs with torsion and torsion springs, double torsion springs are used.
In the production of these technical springs one leg is connected to the other, so that a symmetrical shape results.

Double leg spring with inside or outside ends
Reiner Schmid Produktions GmbH produces on your behalf double torsion springs in a wide range of possible designs.
So you will find the right double leg spring for every project and every place of use.
In most cases, the ends of the legs lie on the outside of the spring body. Finished leg ends on the inside are more elaborate, using our unique modern manufacturing techniques However, it can be easily realized for CNC bent wire parts.
Our team is flexible to your wishes and realizes the special features that the ordered double torsion springs have to be ready. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, we can implement almost any type of double leg spring.

The right double leg spring for every need
You need a double leg spring in a specific shape, size and wire size?
That's no problem for us as a manufacturer.
Contact us and send us the specifications for your double leg spring!
We are happy to provide you with samples and prototypes before we start the actual series production - so you can check the correct fit of the double leg spring and give us new dimensions if necessary. Timely optimization saves us time-consuming reworking.
We make technical double torsion springs usually drawn from spring steel wire (1.4310 or patented in the variety classes SM, SH, DH), you can also offer the following materials after consultation:

  • spring bronze
  • brass wire
  • Inconel
  • Nimonic
  • titanium wire
  • iron wire

Technical double torsion springs are our profession
Talk to the experts of Reiner Schmid Produktions-GmbH today if you are in need of sophisticated, highly resilient and under all circumstances reliable double torsion springs! We are the right contact person for every sturdy double leg spring you need.
Even if you are not sure how your double thigh springs designed in detail, you are right with us. We are happy to advise you individually, taking into account our many years of experience. We are happy to help you too at the planning and design of the double leg spring aside.
Especially if you need double torsion springs with special features, you should not rush the series production.
A prototype pays off here, as it allows you to take a look at the accuracy of fit and functionality in advance. Often, small improvements are enough to achieve significantly better results.
Benefit from our perfectionism and individual advice from our experts.

Double torsion springs