Our Quality Management
Our company has been certified according to the EN ISO 9001 standard since 2001.
Our processes are constantly evolving to provide our customers the very best in quality deliver short delivery times at reasonable prices.
In addition, our quality management is based on the requirements of VDA 6.3 of the automotive industry, whose demands we fulfill far reaching.

Our quality assurance
Our company employs outstanding quality assurance personnel who cooperate with are familiar with all modern measuring equipment and methods and use it routinely every day.
Every manufacturing order, no matter if it is a small or a large order, is checked by our QA for approval and assessed and measured for compliance with production dimensions and requirements.
During the manufacturing process, the manufactured parts are qualitatively monitored at specific intervals and documented. Our for many years extremely low complaint rates encourage us to be on the right Wen.

measuring equipment
State-of-the-art measuring equipment, such as the Digital Profile Projector IM-6000 from Keyence, make our quality assurance strong and highly effective. Also conventional profile projectors and other measuring equipment are at our disposal for quality assurance, as well as special measuring equipment from the spring industry, such as, Torsiometer, spring scales and load change machines.