Machinery and equipment

We have a wide range of modern machinery and equipment for the production of technical springs and bent wire parts.

For the production of round wire technical springs we use machines (CNC wire bending and winch centers) from WAFIOS from the FMU, FTU and FSE series.

The production of products from flat or strip material is made possible with BIHLER punching and bending machines in our factory.

For each of our products made of round wire and strip material wire we have a machine park with a variety of technical options. In addition, we have our own tool shop in-house.

In addition to state-of-the-art bending machines, we have automatic crate stackers, crate changers that enable production in defined units and various mobile and static tempering furnaces, as well as a Trowal system for vibratory finishing of stainless steel parts.

Machinery and equipment